A professional magician will teach students how to perform tricks that are sure to amaze! The curriculum will start out with easy-to-understand rubber band and card tricks, and gradually increase to include more complicated tricks. Students will learn a few new magic tricks with plenty of time to practice them in each class.

Benefits of learning magic include: a boost in self-confidence, heightened public-speaking and presentation skills, and improved creativity and problem-solving skills. (Not to mention a lot of fun!)

Classes will be structured as follows:
5 minutes – Review of previous class tricks
15 minutes – A new trick and practice
15 minutes – A new trick and practice
5 minutes – Break time
15 minutes – A new card trick and practice
5 minutes – Review of new tricks

Date & Time:Every Wednesday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
To Sign-up:Email to Class Fee:$20 per class

Place:Japanese Culture Center
41-26 27th street,LIC

Teacher:Sho Kitta